Friday, July 15, 2016

The Work out Trifecta...

You might be wandering what’s that work out trifecta and it’s nothing from the outside world, actually is really simple it consist on doing Endurance training, Flexibility and Strength. Yeah that’s it by doing this three steps you can embark on a fitness journey.

Let’s begin with Endurance training!
  • Walking is the best way to go by doing a walking plan and setting an initial daily goal. Then increase the goal by 10% each day that you walk. A great way to go about this is to count your steps using a pedometer. To set your baseline goal, clip on your pedometer and walk for 20 or 30 minutes throughout the day. Spread your walks throughout the day so you don’t get too tired… three 10 minute walks, for example...
  • After a few weeks, you’ll be well on your way to better shape and will be ready to take your endurance routine to the next level. As the walking gets easier increase the difficulty of your daily steps. First, start taking the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible, or walk hills instead of flat ground if you have them in your area.
  • As you keep on progressing in your endurance you can increase the difficulty by riding a stationary bike at the gym or if you have then at your house. Another fun work out you can do is hula hoping and with this you can strengthen your core, arms and legs.
  • Also you can try swimming It contributes to endurance, strength and flexibility with minimal impact on the joints and works virtually every part of your body.

Now let’s go ahead and talk about a little bit of Flexibility...
Stretch… That’s the secret at the beginning its going to burn but also you will feel the euphoria that you are making changes in your life and after that pain there is a feeling good sensation and satisfaction that you are becoming more flexible.
Just as importantly, flexibility exercise for bariatric surgery patients improves coordination, increases blood flow to your muscles resulting in less soreness and more energy and improves chronic problems such as lower back pain.
To stretch properly, you should go far enough to “feel the burn” but not so far that it hurts. Hold the stretch for at least 10 seconds while feeling the burn, breathe deeply and consistently, and don’t bounce.
FYI: Beginners YOGA can help you with this and on the long run it also helps build muscle.

Now let finish this off with Strength! While it is the last it’s also really important to have it on you daily work out and it only should be started after your Endurance and Flexibility has been done.
As a good recommendation for starters, the exercise ball is a good way to go, these provide a great low-impact workout for core strength. Just sitting on them while watching TV or working at your desk will work your abs, sides and lower back. As you get stronger, start to incorporate exercises.

The size you need depends on your height:
·         Under 5 feet – 45 cm
·         5’1" – 5’8" – 55 cm
·         5’9" – 6’2" – 65cm
·         6’3" – 6’7" – 75cm
·         Over 6’8 " – 85cm

And as you progress start adding weights to the work out, you can start with dumbbells (from 1 to 5 pounds).
And also you can incorporate it to the other workouts and from there do your arm and shoulders exercises.
Well now that you know the 3 basic steps to do a full work out remember that you also have to use the correct equipment and clothing.