Wednesday, November 16, 2016

After-gastric sleeve-surgery diet: clear liquid diet vs. full liquid diet.

After-gastric sleeve-surgery diet: clear liquid diet vs. full liquid diet.

Patients who decide to go under bariatric surgery with Long Term WLS/VSG have to start getting ready for their procedure weeks ahead. One key element for this preparation is the stages of diets they have to follow. We have already talked about our pre-op diet, now we want to provide some information regarding post operation.

Once the procedure is done, patients must do a two-step liquid diet and a third and last step with mushy food or blended solids. The first phase consists on a clear liquid diet followed by a regular or full liquid diet. This difference can be confusing sometimes, so let’s explain it a little.

Clear liquid diet after gastric sleeve surgery

A clear liquid diet is prescribed right after surgery, with the purpose of providing the body with the necessary nutrients, without making it hard for the stomach to digest them. As the surgery has just occurred, the tissue is still delicate and digestion of hard, solid food could turn into a lot of pain, sometimes even vomit. Medication pills should also be crushed before intake. The duration of this first phase is ten days.

These are some examples included in a clear liquid diet:

·         Plain water.
·         Fruit juices without pulp, such as grape juice, filtered apple juice, and cranberry juice.
·         Soup broth (bouillon or consomm√©).
·         Light or sugarless gelatin.
·         Caffeine-free tea with no cream or milk added.
·         Sugar free sports or protein drinks that are transparent.

These foods and liquids are not included in our clear liquid diet, as they will cause unpleasant side effects and possibly complications:

·         Juice with nectar or pulp, such as prune juice.
·         Milk and yogurt.
·         Caffeine drinks and sodas.

Full liquid diet after gastric sleeve surgery

Once the healing has progressed, what follows is the regular of full liquid diet, which is a middle step between a clear liquid diet and eating solid foods. This includes thicker, liquid foods as listed below. It is still easy to digest, meeting the calorie and protein needs of your body.

These are some examples of our liquid diet:

·         Skim milk and skim soy beverages
·         Thicker low fat soups (liquefied cooked vegetables)
·         Protein shakes
·         Liquefied oat meal

The same rule as above applies: no sugar, caffeine or carbonated beverages. This diet should also be taken for ten days.

Mushy food diet after gastric sleeve surgery

The last and final step of the after surgery diet consists on blended solids o baby food for ten days also.
Foods should have the consistency of a thick liquid (no chunks or solid material). Soft foods examples are soft boiled or scrambled eggs, tofu, low-fat cottage cheese, and sugar-free low-fat yogurt. Again no caffeine or carbonated beverages. After this step is done, you may continue to solid food as indicated by our surgeon.

Once you are finished with all your diets, we recommend you maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, along with high protein nutrition. If you consider it necessary, you can always be under the care of a nutritionist.

At Long Term WLS/VSG, we always look after your well being. This advice and your proper care will help you achieve positive and long lasting changes in your life.