Tuesday, June 28, 2016

4 Easy Steps for a better bariatric meal plan!

Step 1: Eat Healthy
When we say eat healthy we are referring to have time to get a full meal, a balanced meal that has all the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to be healthy, you can include this types of foods:
  • Farm Animals like Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Milk and Eggs. Try to stay away from steak (Cow), it’s harder to digest and can cause indigestion.
  • Water Animals: Fish, Sardines and Tuna are recommended but don’t go eating to many seafood because it can also give you indigestion.
  • Fruits and Veggies are also recommended, whole grains and nuts.
What should I be aware on my meals?
  • Stay away from Chemically Modified Foods
  • Try not to buy food that in the label has 4 o more ingredients your doctor told you not to consume.
  • DO NOT FRY YOUR MEALS!! Use the Oven or the grill or a different method of cooking.
  • Drink Skim Milk instead of whole milk
  • Use different cooking oil.

Step 2: Make Protein your priority
Protein is really important and now it’s even more because of the procedure that you just went in, Protein helps you recover muscle tissue and right now that’s what you need so you can have a better healing process and your body can get use to your new stomach.
If you do not get your recommended protein intake you’re your body starts attacking your muscles and also you’ll feel week and tired, not just that some people may experience hair loss, swelling and on the skin.

Sometimes it’s recommended to have protein shakes or protein bars but we have to make sure how much protein are we getting from them and also how much carbs.

Step 3: Beware of the sugar you eat
Why is this important, mostly is because sugar in our body translates to Carbs that translates to glucose, if you know how to manage that glucose level you’ll have a better chance to make a faster recovery.

How to stop the carb cravings?
It’s easy just stop eating simple carbs like white bread, potatoes, white rice, corn, peas, food that has a lot of sugar in it like ice cream and donuts.
Try more of these instead, whole grain bread and whole grain rice.

Step 4: Drink water through the day
Remember that it’s really important to drink water all day try to keep it between 1 ½ to 2 quarts of liquid a day. This will help you keep your body hydrated and helps you digest your food better.

Try drinking water 45 min. before and after 45 min. after your meals that way you don’t feel bloated, also try drinking one glass a soon as you wake up and one before going to sleep.