Friday, July 1, 2016

10 General advises to have a good and healthy life changing meal plan!

1.-Plan your meals!
Once you get any bariatric procedure you cannot wait 3 hours before you eat to start thinking on what you are going to cook, this can cause a poor choice on what you are preparing o it doesn’t let you choose food with good nutrients
2.-Join support groups!
It is really important that you surround yourself with people that have gone under the same procedure, that way you can share experiences, share meals, exercises and keep on helping you stay on track.
One of the perks of going under surgery with Long Term WLS / VSG is that we have that support group you need, that we will help you make that positive change in your life and it also has a Nutritionist that you can find Monday through Friday in the mornings.
3.-Put yourself real goals!
Remember to achieve your goals and don’t have to feel like you are doing too much you have to be patient and take things one step at a time.
You can start by suppressing bad eating habits and start adding the new and healthy eating habits to your new lifestyle.
4.-Establish short time goals!
Starts by Meals have what you are going to be eating and how you are going to prepare it. Then with exercises and try to do this every two weeks, it’s better to establish weekly goals that you can keep track on than monthly goals.
5.-Avoid Snacks!
This is really important you have to teach your stomach to have 5 full meals a day, no snacks!!
That way you can have a better digestion and make sure that you are eating healthy.
6.-Do your groceries right!
Make sure that you buy more vegetables, fruits, high protein food and food that helps your digestion.
7.-Serve your meal in small plates!
When you do this you’ll feel like you are eating a whole meal and also you’ll start training your mind to eat small portions of food.

8.-Start knowing when it’s hunger and when its anxiety!
Sometimes we eat depending on how we feel or what we feel, it’s really important to eat only when we are really hungry and going to eat full meal or also when you are scheduled for your meal.
9.-Watch less TV!
Try switching your habits go out more, take long walks, do outdoor activities, this will help you to improve your lifestyle, also when watching TV normally you see a lot of fast food advertisements and believe this only pushes your cravings for junk food, that’s why I recommend being more active.
10.-Exercise more often!
Instead of being bored or watching long hours of TV do more workout activities, this will ensure a better calorie burn and a better digestion.

Remember that a healthy lifestyle is not easy to achieve, but it’s not impossible.
Always have a Healthy mind in a Healthy body…